360|MacDev exists because we love our Macs. We love community, and when we started the conference there was a huge shortage of Mac developer conferences organized for the community. 360|iDev (our iOS conference) is a huge success and a big part of the community. Our goal is to have 360|MacDev become just as important to the Mac Developer community.

Join us.

Next winter you can get your fill of Cocoa development awesomeness, and even some skiing if you’re up for it! We’ll be bringing together the best of the community . Join us in Denver, CO.

WHEN: TBA 2022

WHERE: The Embassy Suites Downtown Denver

Agenda: tons of awesomeness! Just look at the session videos from previous conferences!

SPONSORS: us or give us a call at 720.381.2370 if you’d like more information on sponsoring this awesome new event.

When it comes to 360|MacDev it’s important to know the following.

What to bring: You, your laptop, ideas, and energy

What you’ll leave with: New friends, business contacts, inspiration, and more knowledge than you’ll get anywhere else. Probably a book or two as well.

We keep our prices as low as we can, so that indie devs and corporate backed devs alike can attend the conference. We promise you’ll get your money’s worth!