Hackers may have weaponized a now-patched bug in Apple’s biometric features

biometrics hacking

A security flaw found in Touch ID and Face ID biometric authentication features may have had some unsettling real-world implications.

The bug, originally discovered back in February 2020, could have provided threat actors with unauthorized access sensitive data as long as users opted for these biometric controls to sign into their iCloud accounts in Safari. Thankfully, Apple has since rolled out a patch for this imperfection.


Safari is slow after Catalina update

The basis of any operating system design comes down to meeting the users’ demands. Operating systems evolve in order to accommodate the emerging requirements proactively. The modifications involve both current system updates and new version releases. Every new version being rolled out is, technically, a major system update to an extent. For instance, macOS Catalina is a new operating system build superseding macOS Mojave and representing a major system update.