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Sorry, you had to be there. KEYNOTE – Brent Simmons-How to Create a Successful Mac App

Collin Donnell – Stupid Fast AppsSimple, reusable patterns for making apps stupid responsive and fast.

Jim McKeeth – Take a REST with OData in your Multi-Tier AppOData (aka Open Data Protocol) is a RESTful web protocol for querying and updating data on remote systems, freeing it from the silos that exist in legacy applications. This session looks at publishing your data via OData and building clients to work with your data as well as other public OData data sources from your Mac with an eye toward integrating in iOS devices.OData provides full CRUD (Create, Read, Update, & Delete) support for data. It doesn’t need to be data in a database, but that is the best paradigm for how it works. It is available under the Microsoft Open Specification Promise (OSP).

Josh Abernathy – Everything You Never Wanted to Know About Core AnimationCore Animation, how does it work?What this talk is not:

  • What is a layer.
  • How to create a layer.
  • How to animate a layer.

What this talk is:

  • Why Core Animation is so damn fast.
  • How Core Animation works.
  • Why subpixel anti-aliasing is really hard.

Kyle Richter -UIKit to AppKitA beginners guide from moving from the world of iOS to the world of Mac development. Learn what it takes to become a Mac developer. Includes and overview of the differences between the two platforms, how to share code between them, some of the pitfalls you will encounter and how to avoid them.

Ken & Glen Aspeslagh -Creating Apps Your Users Will LoveHow do you create the delight that’s so crucial to a successful product? We’ll delve into how design and technical decisions made while building an app can directly affect user enjoyment. The talk will center around real world examples.

Mike Lee – WWSJD – What Would Steve Jobs Do?Something about apps for Mac. Probably inspirational and funny. Expect swearing.

Dave Wiskus – Subjective C: The Language of DesignThe Mac, like the iPhone and iPad, has a unique design language. See deconstructed examples of excellent UI, hear stories of creation, and learn the conventions of Apple’s desktop platform.

Luc Vandal – Back to the MacWith Screens being a huge success on the iOS platform, hear about what Edovia has learned during the process of porting the app to the Macintosh platform.
Sorry, no video. You just had to be there. Joe Keeley – Intro to Project ManagementWhen you work on any project, for a client or internally, there are always two questions you want to answer: how much will it cost and when can I have it? In this session we will introduce some project management tools and techniques to help you answer these questions and put more certainty around your project delivery. We will talk about:

  • What is ‘it’? Or, Defining Scope
  • Estimating
  • Creating your Workplan
  • Tasks
  • Dependencies
  • Who is doing the work and when?
  • Risks
  • Executing the Plan
  • Tracking Time
  • Managing Issues
  • Plan’s wrong – now what?
  • Learning from Experience

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Mike Lee – Dirty Jokes and CodeMike kicks off 360|MacDev with a 1 time only keynote that while NSFW is not just hilarious, but actually very insiteful about software development and common misconceptions and problems in creating software.

Josh Abernathy – This Is Why I’m Hott: The Mechanics of Good UI
Mac apps should be hot(t). But many don’t get the lovin’ they so desperately want and deserve. I’ll talk about some basic Photoshop concepts to help us developers create graphics that aren’t eye-clawingly bad and I’ll show some code tips and tricks for creating modern UIs and animations. As an added bonus, I’ll wrap up by looking at how some of the hott Mac apps pull off their magical UIs.

Erik Aderstedt – Practical Core Data
Jim Dovey – Secret Sauce: How to use or duplicate Apple’s private functionality
Ever wanted to hook your own data into Apple’s Managed Client infrastructure? Watched Address Book or iPhoto’s integration with the Time Machine user interface in envy? Wished you could implement your own login dialog or account access filters on the Macintosh? Come and See as we open the seventh seal and gaze deep into the workings of some of OS X’s most coveted internal workings.

Jay Freeman – The “Jailbreak Store” for Desktop Apps
Cydia, the third-party alternative to the iPhone App Store, means real business: nearly 10% of iPhones are jailbroken, with over half a million users having put their money where their mouth is, spending >$6 million since the Store feature was opened a year and a half ago.Now, SaurikIT is bringing its extensive experience running a successful software marketplace to an entirely new venue: the full experience that is Mac OS X. Download, Purchase, Upgrade? “Cymple” ;P. Coming to a system near you (probably even yours), late 2010.Frankly, most of the time of this talk, however, will need to be spent on Cydia Substrate and Cycript, technologies that let you analyze and modify running applications. These technologies were previously only available for jailbroken iOS devices, but come with the new Mac OS X Cydia.
Fraser Hess and Matt Long – From Hacker to microISV
On the Cocoa Is My Girlfriend blog we ran a series called ‘From Hacker to microISV’ exploring making your small business and products more professional. Here we update and expand that material. Should be good if only for watching Fraser and Matt play Keynote Ping-Pong.

Lucius Kwok – Intro to Core Audio
An overview of the APIs and technologies for playing, recording, and processing audio on the Mac OS X, both at the high level and the low level. APIs covered will include Core Audio, AudioToolbox, AudioFile, AudioQueue, and vDSP. Differences between iOS and Mac OS X will also be covered.

Saul Mora – MacRuby and You
MacRuby, which repaces RubyCocoa, is the new cocoa platform on the block. Ruby is a terrifficly fascinating development language since Ruby and Objective-C are language cousins, both of which are very dynamic and flexible. Ruby’s primary goal is to make writing code fun again! Who doesn’t want to have MORE fun writing code?Ruby has marched on to become the language of choice for web developers. With the recent release of Rails 3.0, it Ruby is proving that it’s not a toy language. And now, MacRuby wants to be the language of choice for your Mac Applications!
John Pannell – Get Connected!: Use the Network to Empower Your App
Remember when networking meant something other than schmoozing? When it comes to code, using the power of the network can make your app more fun, more appealing, more interactive, or even better performing. Let John walk you through the various networking capabilities of the OS X platform: Bonjour, Distributed Objects, sockets (and some socket frameworks), and more. As a special bonus, attendees will get an advance distribution of two soon-to-be-open-source frameworks: PSMLanGameKit (an implementation of the iOS GameKit framework over sockets for the Mac) and PSMPlayerKit (a distributed-objects-like implementation over PSMLanGameKit that allows developers to simply message remote peers with Objective-C).

Michael Simmons – Michael Simmons – Selling Mac Apps: Past, Present, and the Mac App Store

Justin Williams – Going Social – Integrating The Social Into Your Mac ApplicationHaving an iPhone application without Facebook or Twitter integration is like serving a meal without silverware. Who said the Mac can’t be social too? In this session Justin will highlight the following:

  • Use cases for social integration in desktop software
  • Existing Mac applications with great social integration
  • How to add Twitter integration to your Mac app
  • How to add Facebook integration to your Mac app
  • Overviews of other open source projects to help get up and running with other social services like Foursquare, Gowalla, Flickr and more.

Dave Wiskus & Kyle Richter – iOS: The Gateway Drug
Mac OS X design and development through the eyes of professional iOS guys. Learn how to take an iPhone or iPad app and turn it into a Mac OS X application.

Marcus Zarra – High Performance Importing Using Core Data
This discussion will focus on how to use Core Data in a multi-threaded environment and how to make importing performance as efficient as possible. This will include discussions on watching data threads so that the user threads can be updated as well as an open discussion portion of the talk to get specific issues resolved.