Brent Simmons has been writing apps for Apple computers for over 30 years, since his first Apple II Plus in 1980. His professional apprenticeship was at UserLand Software where he worked on Frontier and on Manila, an early blog platform. Later he created apps such as NetNewsWire, TapLynx, Glassboard, and MarsEdit. Brent lives in Seattle with his wife Sheila and his cat Papa, who’s named for both Ernest Hemingway and the great designated hitter Edgar Martinez.


Josh Abernathy started doing Cocoa programming before it was cool. Even though he sometimes flirts with iOS, he always returns to the Mac. He works at GitHub, mostly on GitHub for Mac.
Glen Aspeslagh is CEO of Ecamm Network, but that doesn’t mean he can’t rock the Xcode. He’s also Ecamm’s lead designer and head party planner. There’s very little in the world of running a software business that he hasn’t had the pleasure of dealing with.
Ken Aspeslagh is Chief Engineer at Ecamm Network, Ken uses his decade of Mac programming experience, a passion for reverse engineering, a laptop, and coffee to create Ecamm’s suite of successful tools.  There’s very little in OS X that he hasn’t had the pleasure to explore.
Collin Donnell Lives in Portland. When he’s not putting birds on things he builds really awesome apps.
Joe Keeley’s background is in software implementation and management consulting: project management, business process re-engineering and design, package configuration and custom development, testing, and implementation. He has worked with clients such as Apple, Ahold (Stop & Shop and Giant stores), AMD, Intelligent Electronics, and International Multifoods; building and implementing ERP systems, warehouse systems, logistics systems, claims management systems, and even a call center. Once Joe got the first iPhone he wanted to build software for it – so now that’s what he is doing full time, both his own apps and contract work. Now it’s so much easier to explain to people who ask what he does for a living. Joe likes to fence in his spare time. Not stolen goods – full-on competitive fencing with swords.
Mike Lee is an international adventurer, like Indiana Jones, but with engineering instead of archaeology. Before embarking on a life as a costumed superhero, Mike shipped product for Apple, the president, and your mother. In between winning the Apple Design Award and travelling around the world, Mike cofounded Tapulous, makers of the first popular iPhone game. When he’s not wrestling tornados or changing the world, Mike enjoys drinking, smoking, and causing a ruckus. He was last seen in Appsterdam, world capital of app development
Jim McKeeth
Kyle Richter is CEO and Founder of Dragon Forged Software LLC, based out of Denver Colorado. He first started writing code using BASIC on a Commodore 64 in the early ’90s. Kyle has been writing shareware for the Mac since early 2004. Dragon Forged Software was an early adapter to the App Store, releasing the first trivia game for the iPhone. Kyle has also worked on the hit iPhone titles Handshake and Transactions. He now runs a full time consulting business, working on market-leading software for iDevices
Luc Vandal is the founder of Edovia, a small iOS and Mac dev shop in Montréal, Canada.
Dave Wiskus is the Chief Creative Officer at Black Pixel. He has a puppy.