Event Details

Bringing together the best and brightest of the indiw Mac OSX development community! This 2-day event will take place February 3-4, 2012 @ The Embassy Suites Downtown Denver.
Our goal isn’t to be the biggest conference around, but it is to be the best. From our experience those two things don’t go hand in hand. We’re not a publisher pushing speakers who write for us. We’re not a magazine looking to pad our email news letter list. We’re indie developers, and organizers who want to support and help grow and build up the indie developer community.

We’re bringing together the best speakers and sponsors in the industry under one roof! (Want to sponsor? Email us!)

Supporting the Mac OSX/Cocoa developer community and increasing the networking within it is our goal. Come share stories (good and bad) about developing for the iPhone!

Help spread the word!

360Conferences depends on people like you to be our marketing machine. We keep ticket prices low by not spending money on expensive ad campaigns. Therefore, please help us spread the word about the show to all your friends via phone calls, email, twitter, facebook, and blog posts. The bigger the party, the better the party, right? 🙂